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Founder & CEO

Jake is a behavioural ecologist specialising in the interface between animal welfare science and conservation biology with a particular interest in species at risk of extinction in the wild and prone to welfare challenges in captivity. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of London in Zoology, a Masters Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Behavioural Ecology from the University of Glasgow. Jake has advised governments and NGO’s across four continents on species conservation and animal welfare policy and management. He has two decades of executive leadership experience running some of the biggest wildlife facilities in Europe and North America and regularly consults to zoos and sanctuaries on strategy, business development and conservation and animal welfare programming, producing development plans for some of the biggest and fastest growing wildlife based visitor attractions around the world. Most recently Jake has pioneered the development of evidence based systems to identify psychological priorities to ensure habitat design and management can ensure animals have the opportunity to experience peak welfare.


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