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Welfare priority assessment for orangutan launched

Dr Jake Veasey

May 5, 2023

Care for the Rare launches an AWPIS welfare priority assessment for Orangutan - as the least social of the great apes, we are excited to see what we'll learn about this species' needs to help inform habitat design and management in zoos and rescue / rehab facilities

We are inviting individuals with at least three year’s experience working with orangutan as well as scientists who have published research into the behaviour, ecology and welfare of the species, to join experts from around the world to participate in a unique undertaking to help improve our understanding of the needs of this species in managed environments.

The assessment process is premised on the belief that if we truly understood the value of the opportunities orangutan encounter in the wild to their welfare in captivity, it could transform how we care for them, including how we design their habitats.

The assessment will quantify the relative importance of natural behavioural and cognitive opportunities to orangutan welfare by harnessing the collective knowledge of a range of experts using a variant on the Delphi technique. Details of previous assessments can be found at

This unique project is generously sponsored by Zoos Victoria, with additional support from Auckland Zoo. Stakeholders of the Zoo and Aquarium (Australasia) Species Management Program for Orangutan also support this project. The contribution of a wide range of experts is vital, and it is hoped, will benefit orangutan around the world for decades to come.

The assessment will be launched on or around the 29th May 2023 with an virtual workshop that will be recorded and available online for those who cannot attend the live session. This will provide the background necessary to undertake the assessment, which will also be online, and will be open for approximately four weeks.

If you are interested in participating please contact Kathleen Armstrong at Zoos Victoria on and you will be forwarded further details including an invite to the workshop in due course.

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