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Captive breeding and ecosystem engineers

Dr Jake Veasey

May 20, 2023

Reintroduction is about so much more than the species being reintroduced; find out how reintroduced water voles help pave the way for beavers!

When we think about captive breeding and reintroduction, understandably the emphasis is typically on the species being reintroduced, but that rarely does justice to the true conservation impact. Here is a great illustration of that point; beaver reintroductions in England, appear to enhance the expansion of nationally critically endangered water voles. As we increasingly have to consider ecosystem migration in light of climate change - conservation as it was originally conceived; i.e. the preservation of the natural status-quo, is due for an update, with a more dynamic / adaptive mindset; "Conservation 2.0". As this new era of climate solutions unfolds, I'm certain the importance of reintroduction and translocation will increase, not just for the species being released, but for their role in ecosystem architecture. #conservation #climatechange #reintroduction #mammalsociety #iucn #beaver #carefortherare

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