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Captive breeding; all creatures great and small!

Dr Jake Veasey

Aug 30, 2023

Captive Breeding; why the small species matter too!

I bang the drum about captive breeding being more than simply about the iconic species, and here is a great example. You couldn't get a more atypical conservation icon than "Scarce Yellow Sally", so why even bother and why is this exciting? Firstly stoneflies such as this one require pristine waterways so are an excellent barometer for river health, and the fact the species has become extirpated throughout much of Europe is a sign of a wider failure. The opportunity to now reintroduce this species in the UK also becomes a mandate for the authorities responsible for waterways to do better for our rivers, and start restoring those damaged ecosystems, of which this species is an important part - a predator in its own right, and also prey for larger predatory species. Improving the health of our waterways, improves the health of the human communities that surround them. And thats not all, in captive breeding this species the team at #ChesterZoo learnt so much about the biology of the species that will help with their conservation, that would have been impossible without their efforts in the lab. Great work! 👏 #conservation #CareForTheRare #CleanRivers #CleanWaters #WelshWater #ThamesWater #SouthernWater #EnvironmentAgency #AnglianWater #SevernTrentWater #ScottishWater #UnitedUtilities #WessexWater #NorthernIrelandWater #NorthumbrianWater #SouthWestWater #YorkshireWater

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