Zoo Design & Management Consultancy

Zoo and Wild Animal Habitat Design

  • Our proprietary welfare prioritisation tool is the only system currently available to identify the genuine psychological needs of species to inform habitat design and management to deliver peak welfare; future proofing infrastructure developments.

  • Creating conceptual designs through to supporting the delivery of detailed designs we work alongside your chosen architects, or our own partners to deliver intelligent value engineered design solutions. 

  • Our designs set new standards of best practice and have frequently received awards for both animal welfare innovation and new habitat design. In particular we have led the way in developing immersive habitats better connecting people to the needs of animals and the plight of wildlife generally.

  • We specialise in designing flexible spaces built around the species' behavioural ecology and in the establishment of dynamic mixed species exhibits.


  • Development and implementation of masterplans for zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries.

  • Our approach is to assess the aspirations of the facility, identify constraints such as finances, climate and space, and working with the client, deliver the most impactful and future proof development plan. 

  • Our masterplanning clients include the fastest growing zoo in Europe, National wildlife parks in Asia, some of the biggest accredited zoos in Europe and North America as well as extensive animal sanctuaries and rescue centres.

Zoo and Wild Animal Management - Assessing your Capabilities

  • We assist not only in enhancing physical infrastructure but also in improving management systems. 

  • We assess capabilities and implement solutions to improve performance.  This includes creating a clear vision and mission, helping you identify effective operating principles, as well as assessing and improving financial performance, organisational governance and staff capabilities.

  • Having a shared understanding of 'what good looks like' is fundamental to efficient management, we assist in policy and protocol development to ensure safe and effective management.

Zoo Rescue; Planning and Execution

  • The zoo world is rightly of immense public interest and being seen to fail in our obligations to the needs of animals in our care can be very damaging resulting in falling revenue and potentially further welfare challenges.

  • We specialise in breaking that cycle by identify issues of concern, developing strategies to resolve them and working with all stakeholders in a transparent manner to ensure issues are resolved and seen to be resolved.

  • We also have extensive experience in zoo disaster management and planning and can assist in both disaster management and disaster planning.

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Our Services:

We work with zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries to help them realise their potential in the care they provide their animals and experiences their visitors enjoy. 


We do this through cutting edge evidence based zoo design, establishing a sound financial foundation through management consultancy and by supporting the developing of effective animal welfare and conservation programming.


Our history has shown that delivering exceptional animal welfare and improving ethical outputs, consistently enhances visitor engagment and experiences, improving revenue generation and thus creating a virtuous circle of continual improvement. 

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