What We Do

We assist governments and non-governmental organisations as well as zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums and sanctuaries to develop and execute effective animal welfare and species conservation strategies across the globe.

Animal Welfare Consulting

Uniquely based in cutting edge science and two decades of practical experience we are experts in animal welfare assessment and management. We specialise in wild animal welfare issues and in developing innovative welfare solutions. Our welfare assessment process is capable of auditing institutional and individual welfare status enabling developmental priorities to be established which support ongoing improvements in welfare attainment; a cornerstone of the financial viability of any wildlife based visitor attraction. We specialise in determining the optimum balance between the physical and psychological needs of species under human care.

Zoo Design & Management Consultancy

We work with zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums and sanctuaries to help them realise their potential; we do this through cutting edge evidence based zoo design with animal welfare at its core and in developing impactful conservation and animal welfare programmes. Effective fiscal management is a prerequisite  for successful animal welfare and conservation activities, as a result, core to our offering is assisting in establishing a sound financial foundation through management consultancy and business planning, 

Conservation Programming

We have assisted organisations and governments in developing national conservation strategies for some of the world's most endangered species. We have extensive experience working with populations in the wild and in captivity and have been integral to the development and operation of numerous captive breeding and release programmes world-wide. We understand the politics, practicalities and science of species conservation whether it be elephants in Vietnam, greater sage grouse in Canada or mountain bongo in Kenya.