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Polar bears are in trouble. In the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Care for the Rare will provide a refuge for polar bears at risk, connect people with the challenges these iconic animals face and help devise a future in which the species can thrive once again.



In the increasingly long ice-free summer months, wild polar bears move inland to seek food. In an ecologically and topographically-diverse habitat, we aim to provide a secure, expansive and natural refuge for rescued polar bears that cannot be returned to the wild. This unique refuge will lie within the same latitude as wild polar bears in Canada, and will be the largest facility in the world dedicated to studying and caring for polar bears. Care for the Rare and our partners will undertake actionable research to understand how we can assist polar bears and the habitats they rely on adapt to climate change. At the same time, we will also seek to understand how best to care for this sensitive species in captivity. In doing so, Care for the Rare will help ensure populations can continue to survive in a rapidly changing Arctic, and individual bears that cannot be returned to the wild, face a humane and ethical future.