We assist zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries realise their potential and governments and non-governmental organisations to develop and execute species conservation and animal welfare strategies. 
We have combined these elements to deliver innovative, world class, award winning wild animal management facilities and management practices which set new standards of excellence in animal care.
Whether independently or with our world renown partners, we are proud to have set new standards of excellence in animal care by delivering innovative, world class, award winning zoo facilities, management practices and animal welfare strategies.  

Advanced Animal Welfare Instructor for EAZA

 Jake teaches EAZA Academy Animal Welfare and Advanced Animal Welfare courses.  He has lead animal welfare sessions at the 2017 EAZA conference, the 2017 Scandinavian Zoo Region Conference and to Italian zoos in Rome in 2018. 

Developed wildlife park and conservation strategy with Vietnamese Government

  • Jake provided support to improve welfare standards and management at Hanoi Zoo, Vietnam

  • Jake worked with Animals Asia to partner with the Vietnamese government, IUCN Asian elephant specialist group and conservation programming specialist group to develop a conservation strategy for Asian elephants within Vietnam.  

  • Worked with staff from Animals Asia to develop animal welfare priorities for Aziatic black bears to help in the management of their moon bear sanctuaries

  • Animals Asia sponsored Jake to teach animal welfare management to Indoesian Zoo associations

  • Sponsored by Animals Asia, developed master Plan for the Ninh Binh wildlife park and also provided 3 day training workshop for their senior management team for the future Nihn Binh wildlife park. 

Designed bear and elephant sanctuaries in Switzerland, Ukraine and Vietnam

  • Contributed to design, development and master-planning for European brown bear sanctuary in Arosa Switzerland, Aziatic Moon Bear Sanctuary in Ninh Binh, Vietnam and European black bear sanctuary in Lviv, Ukraine

  • Partnering with Four Paws, assisted the Vietnames government in delivering an ethical and effectively managed national wildlife park in Ninh Binh 

Keynote Speaker on how Technology can Impact Animal Welfare

Jake was the keynote speaker at the Animal Computer Interaction conference.  There is a growing sector interest in developing methodologies whereby computers can be used to enhance the wellbeing of captive animals. Jake was tasked with guiding a largely non-animal based audience on how their technological skills could generate the greatest returns in terms of animal welfare.

Member and speaker

Designed habitat for spirit bear

Jake designed the habitat for the only sprit bear currently held in captivity at Kolmardon, a Wildlife Park in Kamploops, BC, Canada.

Advisor to Canadian Government on Conservation Strategy in Canada

As the sole representative of the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Jake was selected to speak on behalf of all Canadian zoos to the Canadian parliament on the role of zoos in developing a national conservation strategy for Canada.  Jake has lead reintroduction projects for burrowing owls, black footed ferrets and the establishment of programmes for the greater sage grouse in Canada.

Previous Director of Animal Care and Conservation Research

Jake redefined institutional philosophies and processes, fundamental to rebuilding the zoo’s reputation leading to complete reputational rehabilitation and a transformation in the zoo’s financial fortunes as well as its charitable outputs.


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  • Partnering with Animals Asia foundation, assisted in the development of the physical facilities and management principles of Vietnam’s National Elephant Sanctuary DakLak Elephant conservation center 

  • Ongoing assistance in management, policy development and producing habitat design and management philosophy for national elephant conservation center 

  • Provided emergency assistance in respect of orphaned and injured elephants in terms of medical rehabilitation. Medically managed and lead efforts to reintergrate a baby elephant named Gold into its heard.  


Watch Jake try to reintegrate baby Gold into its heard. 

Advisor on Standards and Policy for Hanoi Zoo, Vietnam

In partnership with Wild Welfare, Jake advised on husbandry standards, animal welfare policy development and assessment processes for Hanoi Zoo in Vietnam. 

Appointed Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Nottingham Trent University

Jake is an appointed Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Nottingham Trent University, specializing in animal welfare and zoo biology 

​Produced the development plan for the first phase of Yorkshire Wildlife park

Produced welfare focused habitat redevelopment plan for polar bears

At the specific request of the aquarium, Jake produced a welfare focused habitat redevelopment plan for polar bears. 

Confirmed status of mountain bongo as critically endagered and rarest mammals in Africa

Jake was a member of the IUCN species survival commission, IUCN Antelope Specialist group, carrying out the first population habitat viability assessment for the endemic mountain bongo in Kenya, confirming its status as critically endangered and establishing it as one of the most at risk, rarest large mammals in Africa.

Former member of Kenya Wildlife Service bongo taskforce

Former member of the Kenya wildlife service bongo taskforce, advising on bongo conservation in-situ and metapopulation management planning

Established BIAZA Elephant Management Guidelines

Jake has been involved in the global shift in the management of elephants that has occurred over the past 15 years; establishing the welfare and behavioural management components of the ground breaking BIAZA elephant management guidelines that have been adapted and adopted by many regional zoo associations, publishing extensively on the species and advising, zoos, zoo associations, NGO's and national governments world-wide on the effective management of elephant welfare.  He has also sat on the BIAZA conservation and animal management committee.

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