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As the only zoo designers utilising proven, proprietary techniques to identify the fundamental needs of a species to inform our design process, we are able to innovate with confidence, setting new standards for facility design, animal welfare and visitor experience


A coming together of technological advances and innovation in welfare science is enabling us for the first time to replicate the functional complexity of the wild in managed habitats, enabling even large wide-ranging species to undertake meaningful movement 


As bonafide, extensively published welfare scientists and animal management professional, you can have confidence in our commitment and capability to protect the welfare of your animals. We have three core areas in which we deliver welfare; welfare by design, welfare priority assessment and welfare auditing


We provide masterplanning and business planning services and have an unsurpassed track record in establishing start up zoo and wildlife parks - having produced both masterplans and business development plans for multiple new build projects, one of which has gone on to be Europes's fastest growing wildlife park


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I would have welcomed access to a consultancy with Care for the Rare's expertise and goals when I was the CEO of Woodland Park Zoo. 

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