Zoo Design & Management Consultancy

We are the first and only consultancy to deliver innovative, world class, award winning zoo facilities and management practices by combining academic experience in the fields of animal welfare science and applied behavioural ecology WITH 20 years of practical zoo animal management experience.  


  • We design and provide management consulting on zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries

  • We specialise in wild animal welfare issues and in developing innovative welfare solutions for species

  • We develop species conservation strategies and programs both in and ex-situ


“Conservation is our mandate, animal welfare is our license to operate” 

Zoo Design & Management Consultancy

We work with zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries to help them realise their potential; we do this through cutting edge evidence based zoo design, assisting with establishing a sound financial foundation through management consultancy and by supporting the establishment of effective conservation and animal welfare programming.

Animal Welfare Consulting

We specialise in wild animal welfare issues and in developing innovative welfare solutions for less well studied species.


Our expertise has changed wild animal management policy globally.

Conservation Programming

We advise in species conservation both in and ex-situ. We advise on numerous captive breeding and release programmes as well as assisting organisations and governments in developing national conservation strategies for some of the world's most high profile endangered species, in the wild and in captivity. We understand the politics, practicalities and science of species conservation whether it be elephants in Vietnam or mountain bongo in Kenya.

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What we do:

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 "Jake is one of the most exciting and dynamic zoo professionals that I have encountered in almost twenty-five years in the sector. He has extremely strong academic credentials. This knowledge he can apply in the most refreshingly creative and practical way into designs for new animal housing and exhibits. In his ten plus years at Woburn Safari Park, whilst I was CEO, the collection and the infrastructure supporting it was fundamentally “re-designed and re-engineered." 

Chris Webster

CEO WiNK Developments Ltd (Previous CEO, Woburn Safari Park)

David Hancocks

Architect, Zoo and Museum Planner, Author

"Jake is a rare being in the zoo world: a thoughtful and articulate man with a strong mix of practical experience, a deep knowledge of applied ethology, and a very high regard for animal welfare. He has much to contribute towards the improvement of zoos for animals, for staff (notably, I suspect, keepers, curators, marketing, and education staff), and for visitors."