Care for the Rare is a science and evidence based management consultancy specialising on the interface between ethics, animal welfare and species conservation. We assist governments and non-governmental  organisations to develop and execute species conservation strategies and we assist zoos in realising their potential both as businesses and forces for good in the areas of animal welfare and species conservation.

Dr Jake Veasey
Founder & Principal
Dr Thomas Sawyer

With a background in research biology and a career in investment and finance, Tom is ideally placed to span the worlds of commerce and science.


He has worked in technology, minerals, biotechnology sectors raising capital for private and public companies. Tom has a PhD from the University of Glasgow and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.


Tom is a guest lecturer at UCL and advises on Accelerate Cambridge at the Judge Business School.

Jake is a widely published, internationally respected welfare scientist and conservation biologist. He has advised governments across the globe on both animal welfare and conservation in the wild and captivity.


Jake has 20 years experience within the zoo sector and has transformed the fortunes of some of Europe & North America’s biggest zoos. 

Jake has led the development of national and international conservation strategies across four continents and managed captive breeding and reintroduction programmes for some of the world's most endangered species.


Jason Knight
Communications Director

Jason has spent the last 20 years working in the space between culture and commerce with some of the world’s most famous brands and talent.


Clients such as FIAT, P&G, Ferrero, DFS and PlayStation have been combined with cultural talent such as Amy Winehouse, Faithless, Dynamo and Illumination Films to create compelling stories that travel across the different media channels.


Nigel Collet
Design Director

With a background spanning over 20 years in the creative industry, Nigel has learnt to look at every challenge as an opportunity and that creativity and innovation make the impossible possible. 

Nigel is part of our highly experienced design team that works to ensure workable solutions can be implemented to address design challenges faced by animals and people alike.

James Breaks
Senior Designer

James' creativity spans architecture, branding and public engagement.

As part of our design team James helps produce real world design solutions to the challenges presented by species conservation and in enhancing community engagement.

Gary Jesson

Gary has 30 years experience in operational finance roles within SME’s including visitor attractions, digital creative and technology sectors.

An FCA with experience of raising funds, setting up and running several companies and a director for a family office with £9m of funds under investment.