Improving Animal Welfare

  • We identify species specific psychological needs of wild animals to determine the most effective animal management and habitat design strategies.

  • We audit animal welfare attainment on an institution-wide, habitat specific or individual animal basis.

  • We develop institutional animal welfare strategies on an institution-wide, habitat specific or individual animal basis.

  • We improve animal welfare through the development of bespoke facility design and animal management planning.

Sharing Advances in Animal Welfare Principles

  • We not only teach on the latest innovations in animal welfare theory and practice, we develop it.

  • We share the latest insights in animal welfare theory and techniques to institutions and legislative agencies to ensure both policy and management remain cutting edge and effective.

  • We have built learning experience that cover a full breadth of animal welfare principles including problem based learning workshops, coaching and mentoring.

  • We contribute to animal welfare courses through the EAZA Academy, UK universities and through international welfare workshops convened across the world.

Developing Wild Animal Management Policy

  • We help develop national and international animal welfare best practice, and help establish new standards of national best practice. 

  • We are particularly passionate about the interface between species conservation and individual animal welfare; always looking to combine these two disciplines in our activities.

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Our Services:

Animal Welfare Consulting

We believe animal welfare is a fundamentally important consideration in all conservation and animal management planning processes. We are able to do more than help implement best practice; we routinely establish it.

Our unique welfare prioritisation framework allows management strategies and habitats to be systematically configured around the specific psychological needs of individual species for the very first time. This framework has the potential to deliver the greatest advance in welfare management since the introduction of the five freedoms some 50 years ago and is already being adapted as the latest welfare assessment methodology by both national and international accreditation agencies. 

Already we have been responsible for fundamental changes in animal welfare policy, perceptions and management and have provided technical assistance and support to numerous governmental and non governmental agencies across the world. 

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